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02  Heinrich Hofmann. Im Tempel. Gedenke Mein – Bild 3. Original drawing in pencil. Luke 2:46-50.

Chromolithograph based on re-drawn image derived from the photogravure of the pencil drawing. Possibly by Stemler.
Stemler(?)’s colourisation: the crudity of the image to our contemporary eye is accounted-for by the fact that, to keep costs down, colour had to be used in more than one place in the image. Here I can count 7 colours, which means that, together with the pointing in black, at least 8 plates had to be prepared and applied in turn to the paper: costly in time, man-power and materiel. The motivation of the colourisers, apart from financial gain, was a vocation to introduce (European) “fine art” to a mass audience in the New World, where art was only just becoming a priority. Hofmann’s pencil drawings made it possible for the publishers to choose colours at their own convenience while being able to invoke the authority of a master.