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03  Heinrich Hofmann. Weiche von mir, Satan! Kommet zu Mir – Bild 4. Original drawing in pencil. Luke 4:1-13.

Photogravure made from the original pencil drawing.

Chromolithograph based on re-drawn image derived from the photogravure of the pencil drawing by Byron De Bolt.
Sometimes, a detail was too small or the gradations in tone too subtle to be rendered in colour. In Byron De Bolt’s interpretation of the original image the tiny angel in the top right-hand corner has been eliminated and the tones of the mountains and clouds have been replaced with a dramatic (if somewhat stylised) sky rent by lightning – crude but effective alongside Hofmann’s unsubtly emblematic characterisation of Satan. De Bolt has taken the opportunity to highlight the Son of God, not with the lightly-drawn Renaissance-style elliptical halo of Hofmann, but with an illuminated cloud – pure white in contrast to the black of the crushed serpent foretold in the proto-evangelium of Genesis. The apparent crudity of the colourised image in fact belies a seriousness of intent in the re-interpretation in keeping with the devoutness of the prospective consumer.