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05  Heinrich Hofmann. Jüngling zu Nain. Kommet zu Mir – Bild 7. Original drawing in pencil. Luke 7:11-17.

Chromolithograph based on re-drawn image derived from the photogravure of the pencil drawing. Possibly by Stemler.
This re-draft of Hofmann’s image well illustrates the tendency of the colourisers to simplify the scene and concentrate on the inter-action between the core characters. This was partly to reduce the labour in redrafting, and partly to provide broader areas for colour. Here six members of the arrested funeral procession have been eliminated: one figure is deemed adequate to suggest the awe of any witness to the miracle. By way of compensation the glimpse of a landscape of Nain in the background of the drawing has been developed into a vista of a walled town (fortifications only suggested in close-up by Hofmann through arches with heavy masonry). In the drawing the boy’s erstwhile status as a corpse is suggested by the cowl which had presumably covered his face. The colouriser may have felt that this item was too suggestive of female attire; it has been removed in his re-draft to reveal the boy’s hair – short as dictated by modern convention. Instead, the presence of a white pall is indicated by the different colour of the boy’s robe. Thus the colouriser has remained true to the artist’s original intent.