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11  Heinrich Hofmann. Das letzte Abendmahl. Kommet zu Mir – Bild 9. Original drawing in pencil. 1 Corinthians 11:23-25.

Note that in the first two colourisations above the original monochrome image is reproduced faithfully. The third re-presentation is probably a rare adaptation on doctrinal grounds: in the original, Jesus and the disciples appear as though receiving Catholic-style Holy Communion. By eliminating the chalice while retaining the basin for foot-washing, the re-drafter has shifted the scene from the Synoptics to the alternatve account of the events in the cenacle in John’s Gospel – with the foot-washing and farewell discourses – perhaps in deference to the Protestant sensibilities of possible customers. Meanwhile, the image remains firmly rooted in the commonality of Scripture – John’s Gospel does not include an account of the Supper itself.