In the biblical account this event occurs on the fourth day of Creation after the appearance of vegetation.  Burne-Jones (following Mackail?) puts it alongside the creation of Day and Night.

From “The beginning of the world; twenty-five pictures by Edward Coley Burne-Jones” (British, 1833-1898). The unfinished designs were completed by Stephen Catterson-Smith (Irish, 1849-1912). Publisher: Longmans, Green & co. London. Printed by the Chiswick Press in black on white on hand-made paper with relevant extracts from the Book of Genesis. 1902.
“Biblia Innocentium: being the story of God’s chosen people before the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ upon Earth, written anew for children by J.W. Mackail.” John William Mackail (1859-1945). Published 1892 by the Kelmscott Press.